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About Us

Restaurant food and so much more…we’re just a call away!

Who we are

City Delivery is the premier multi-establishment delivery service in the metro today that caters to your delivery needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From food to grocer to package deliveries, get to experience convenience right at your doorstep by just a dial, click or text away.

Who we are

Delivery Scope

We deliver great-tasting dishes, groceries and more to the residents of the following areas:

  • •Alabang
  • •Greenhills
  • •Las Pinas City
  • •Makati City
  • •Mandaluyong City
  • •Manila City
  • •Marikina City
  • •Muntinlupa City
  • •Ortigas
  • •Paranaque City
  • •Pasay City
  • •Pasig City
  • •Quezon City
  • •Taguig City
  • •The Fort
  • •Laguna

And soon, our orange and green fleet will hit the roads of CEBU and DAVAO!

City Delivery Map

Pioneer Innovations

City Delivery has contributed a lot of “firsts” in the Philippine food delivery industry.

  • •Patented technology on Hot and Cold Bags
  • •Patented technology on Pizza Bags
  • •First real time Online Order Tracking System
  • •One of the biggest delivery box in the small-scale food delivery industry
  • •Inter-city deliveries
  • •Vanity number for easy recall: 87878
  • •Exclusive interactive website online portal:
  • •Full service contact center with highly-trained and professional call center agents equipped with custom spiels and seamless software.
  • First to have delivery for Home-Based Merchants
First to have delivery for Home-Based Merchants

Joining our roster of reputable restaurant partners is an arm of respectable home-based merchants offering the best food creations as exclaimed and recommended by various people – families, friends, food connoisseurs and novice palates alike. Pioneering delivery for these suppliers of unique foodie finds, City Delivery along with Our Awesome Planet bring you these delightful treats from their doors to yours! Finally, numerous talented home-based chefs can have a taste of the limelight while you can have a taste of their delicious food products with just a dial or click away! Enjoy freshly delivered home-cooked goodness with Foodie Delivery!

The Right Equipment

We assure you that you will get to experience your ordered items right at your place at their highest quality. Imagine indulging on your favorite restaurant food as if it has been served to you straight from the kitchen! Or imagine the hassle-free experience you will get when you have your grocery delivered through us!
Such brilliant skill in product handling is made possible by the right equipments to carry our partners’ products:

City Delivery Bag
Our Friendly Riders and Fully Fitted Motorcycles

We have fully fitted aesthetic motorcycles carefully crafted to be able to bring your food right at your door on time and in great state. Our motorcycle has one of the biggest box in the local industry enabling us to carry a bulk of items whenever and wherever you want.
Our patented insulated bags protect the food items from external conditions that may affect its texture, consistency, odor and importantly, taste. These high-tech food carriers are plugged directly to the motorcycles ensuring temperature constancy all throughout the delivery process! Each bag has compartments just like our delivery boxes so your items won’t mix and match during its travel. Neither hot nor cold items, we are confident that we can deliver these straight to your hands at their best condition.

Why we do it

We want to let our customers experience the best service they deserve:

Experience the world on your plate with an impressive array of cuisines from the city’s prime restaurants and food establishments via City Food

Experience hassle-free grocery shopping with the city’s well-known establishments like WalterMart, The Generics Pharmacy, Tecson Flower Shop, The Green Grocer and more via City Grocer

Experience worry-free via City Courier

Customized Service Features

We offer various options for your unique delivery needs. Choose among these customized service features or create your own. Let us know of your preference.

Bulk Orders and Events

Order in advance and save yourself from tiresome cooking at home for gatherings and other special occasions. Coordinate with our Customer Service Representatives on the details and we’ll take care of everything you would require.

Corporate Accounts

With City Delivery’s corporate program, your employees can order from over 350 establishments with over 500 branches within Metro Manila, and have one centralized ordering and billing system for it all. Also, you can have your grocery items from Waltermart, medicine from The Generics Pharmacy, flowers from Tecson Flowers, specialty items from Konbini Japanese restaurant, etc. delivered to your door!
You can even give us a list of your preferred brands, and we’ll get them to deliver for you!
Features and benefits

1. Hassle-free transactions

  1. •Order from different restaurants via one contact number (87878)
  2. •Pay and receive a single bill for all purchases regardless of the different restaurants that you ordered from
  3. •Get one point of contact for all concerns (menu and budget options, accounting concerns, special requests, etc.)

2. Flexible payment options

  1. •Eat now, pay later via an extended credit line in City Delivery
  2. •Or pay upon delivery

3. Get rewards

  1. •Enjoy City Delivery’s rebate and discount program

4. VIP treatment

  1. •Try our different restaurants for free via our free corporate sampling
  2. •Customizable setup, we can discuss a setup that would work best for your company.

Credit Line

Order whenever you please without the hassle of taking money out of your pockets! Arrange a credit line with us and enjoy unlimited ordering for your unpredictable food cravings.

For inquiries on these customized service features, feel free to reach us through (02) 8563206 or email us at

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